The Next Era of King's

Introducing XK7

Introducing XK7

King's New Camo Pattern

Inspired by the natural colors and terrains of North America hunting environments, we strategically designed a selection of 7 different shapes and textures that are abstract depictions of realistic elements - keeping you hidden, no matter the distance. We are proud to introduce our newest pattern, XK7 in our XKG Series line-up for 2021.

New Concept to An Old Approach

Our successful family of Shadow Camo® patterns including Desert Shadow®, Mountain Shadow®, and Snow Shadow® have paved the way for what appeals to our customers and excels in the field. Our new approach uses their strengths of contrast and natural color and pairs them with a detailed macro and micro philosophy that will impress hunters and achieve a high effectiveness in a variety of hunting applications.



XK7 Design

Contrast & Depth

The combination of colors, tones, contrast, shape, size and depth help fight the greatest enemy of concealment besides movement which is blobbing. This term refers to the result of poorly designed camo patterns becoming monochromatic at longer distances.

XK7 maintains it's disruptive appearance at closer and great distances, keeping hunters hidden at 10, 100, or 1000 yards.

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