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Nimrod Outdoors was created by Jeff Barlow. He was looking for something to do with his sons to keep him involved in their lives and active in the great outdoors. He started filming their outdoor activities and posting them on his social media pages. Jeff read in the bible about "Nimrod" and the fact that he was called a "Powerful Man on Earth, and a Mighty Hunter." This is where the name came from and thus Nimrod Outdoors was created. Nimrod Outdoors has a focus of getting kids and new hunters introduced and involved in the outdoors. One of the greatest forms of conservation is to teach the next generation of hunters and outdoors-men and women what conservation means and how to accomplish it. With the falling numbers of hunters, it is important to help kids get outdoors and teach them to preserve our heritage.

Jeff and his sons have enjoyed documenting their adventures and have done so for a few years. Since that time, they have added a few other members to the team. Denny and Ethan Mangum, Terron Hunt, and Paul Neese have joined the team and brought a new energy, experience and their adventures to Nimrod Outdoors.

Jeff Barlow loves the outdoors and spending time in the mountains. He says it brings him peace. Jeff grew up in southern Utah camping and hunting with his family. He graduated from Dixie State University with a degree in Business. At Dixie, he met and married Deanna Gardner, together they have a wonderful, active family of 7. With 6 sons and 1 beautiful daughter, Jeff looks for ways to do things with his kids and to take other kids along with them. He wanted to keep all of them active and enjoy the outdoors. His kids were growing up in a digital age so he knew to keep their attention he was going to have to do something they would enjoy. He started taking photos and videos of his kids and the crazy things they do while in the outdoors. He began sharing them with the world hoping everyone could relate and enjoy.

Denny Mangum developed a great love and passion for the outdoors from a very young age. Going hunting with his dad (even in diapers) and spending the summers with his grandparents fishing helped mold his enthusiasm into the man he is today. Growing up in the small town of Emery, UT meant spending lots of time on the mountain and in the desert as a youngster. Still to this day spending time with family and friends in the outdoors is where you'll find him. His wife says he has an obsession for shed hunting and she's right - Denny is a shed magnet.

Ethan Mangum grew up in Emery, UT. He spent most of his time in the mountains and the desert with his family and friends hunting and fishing where he grew a deep love for wildlife and the outdoors. 

Terron Hunt was born and raised in Enterprise - a small town in Southern Utah. Through the years, his love and passion for the outdoors became obvious, and today that love and passion continues. He now resides in Castle Rock, Colorado, and his love for the outdoors continues to grow. Terron loves shed hunting, fishing, and camping, but his favorite past time is hunting deer and elk. Now he shares his passion with his two young boys, Jaden and Easton. He looks forward to the day when he can help them harvest their own big game animals.

Paul Neese developed a love for the outdoors from a very young age growing up in Orangeville, Utah. He enjoys hunting and fishing with the family as often as possible.  

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